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OSHA 1910.269 and OSHA 1926 Subpart V:
How to Interpret and Apply the New Regulations

Sample Training Courses

ESCI offers the industry valuable and cost-effective training courses for transmission and distribution workers, engineers and managers. All ESCI training courses are taught by top industry experts in the subject being offered.

ESCI will send a professional instructor who is nationally known as the "Subject Expert" on a requested training topic to your facility to train your own employees in-house.

This cost effective training option, offered by ESCI, saves your travel and training budget and provides valuable training to all your affected employees. Listed below are the training topics ESCI offers to provide at your facility:

The Hot Topics in Today's Electric Utility World

minimum approach distance, electrical safety

1. What is MAD (Minimum Approach Distance)? No we are not talking about the magazine.

  • How is MAD developed by IEEE 516?
  • How do we to apply MAD per OSHA 1910.269(L)(2) and NESC-C2?
  • How can a worker(s) enter MAD?
  • What can a worker(s) do while inside of MAD?
  • How can we reduce or eliminate MAD?
  • Where does MAD apply
  • Exposed conductors and equipment?
  • Energized or de-energized?
  • Underground Cable and elbows?

2. What does OSHA 1910.269(L)(1), the two-man-rule, require?

  • How many workers are required to perform work under (L)(1)?
  • Where must the second worker be located, in the air or on the ground?
  • What are the responsibilities of the second worker?
  • What work can the second worker perform?
  • What is required if both workers are working?

3. The right what to develop an FR clothing program per OSHA 1910.269 and the NESC-C2

  • Who is required to wear FR clothing?
  • Who does not need to be outfitted with FR clothing?
  • What type of FR clothing is required?
  • Are pants, winter clothing and rain gear required to be FR?
  • Does my company fall under the NESC or NFPA 70E for FR clothing?
  • What is the proper arc rating required for my company?
  • What is my company's options for supplying FR clothing
  • What about a face shields?
  • How do I choose an arc rating for low voltage work?

The above topics are covered in a half-day training program only offered by ESCI. Contact us to find out more about bring this valuable training to your company.

Flame Resistant Clothing: Developing and Implementing a Cost-Effective and Workable Program for your Electric Utility

The Most Complete Course on Electric Utility FR Clothing Applications Available, ANYWHERE!

This course provides an in-depth understanding on how to complete an "industry accepted" arc hazard assessment of your distribution and transmission overhead and underground systems, and your low voltage and network systems. Then the assessment will be used to develop a complete FR clothing program for your company. Read more about course.

Accident Investigation Training

Helping Your Company Find Out What Really Happened!

This course provides the skills to effectively conduct an accident investigation within your organization. The training begins by explaining the need to conduct an effective and thorough accident investigation, and its value to both management and the employees of your company. The students will participate in group activities and interact with other employees from various companies.

Grounding safety procedures for electrial utility work

Understanding Personal Protective Grounding

The Most Complete Grounding Course Available, PERIOD!

Completely updated in 2008, includes the latest Grounding Regulations & the newest industry-accepted Grounding Methods.

Read what recent attendees said about this course.

Supervisory Leadership Safety Skills Training

Helping Your Employees Focus on Working Safely Each and Every Day

This course provides valuable management skills to individuals who are responsible for the supervision and safety of employees. Participants will learn how to develop and maintain a safe and productive work environment for all workers. Through lecture, roll playing and discussion, participants will learn their roles in helping establish and support an ongoing and positive atmosphere of safety in the workplace.

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