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Industry Papers of Interest

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This document was issued by the Dept of Energy following a near miss accident. They contacted Clayton King, Director of Corporate Research & Testing (ESCI) for details after searching some of his earlier publications and a recent grounding encyclopedia. Please review it for worker safety.

They also concluded: For emergency response personnel and other personnel who are in the immediate area, be advised that a voltage gradient exists from the equipment that is contacting the energized electrical source. Every effort should be made to stay away 35 feet or more where the ground potential is 50V or less. For wet soils this safe distance should be doubled to 70 feet.

Worker Protection While Working De-Energized Underground Distribution Systems

IEEE ESMOL Subcommittee 15.07 Paper. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2004.
(96 kb PDF file)

91 SM 312-9 PWRD: Test Results of Grounding Uninsulated Aerial Lift Vehicles Near Energized Distribution Lines

B. Erga, Member, IEEE. 1991.
(132 kb PDF file)

88 SM 558-9: Test Results of Personal Protective Grounding on Distribution Line Wood Pole Construction

J.T. Bonner, B. Erga, W.W. Gibbs, V.M. Gregorius. 1988.
(124 kb PDF file)

Placement of Protective Grounds for Safety of Linemen

E.J. Harrington, Assoc. Member AIEE; and T.M.C. Martin, Assoc. Member AIEE. 1954.
(372 kb PDF file)

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