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AMR/AMI Smart Grid Services

ESCI's subject matter experts have 35+ years of experience to provide utilities — regardless of size or technology level — with Smart Grid and AMR/AMI technology consulting services. We help ensure that plans going forward are specifically suited to meet each client's needs. ESCI's Smart Grid experience and knowledge can assist with strategic decisions related to meter and system automation, improving utility operations, customer services, or other aspects available from a Smart Grid platform.

AMR – Automated Meter Reading – Basic systems like "walk-by, drive-by", provides standard meter reading only, once a month read, often done for personnel efficiency.

AMI – Advanced Meter Infrastructure – Usually two-way communication which infers network type of reading, provides basic reads for billing; however, can provide, daily, hourly, or desired interval reads. Backhaul of meter info located on poles and towers, can be cellular or satellite. Concept can support devices in the home.

Smart Grid – An electrical system that utilizes data from interconnected digital and/or analog devices creating information for automated responses improving reliability, operation, and the overall efficiency in the supply of electricity.

ESCI offers AMR/AMI – Smart Grid consulting services assisting our clients with these transformational technology upgrades. AMR/AMI and SG technologies impact meter-to cash processes, electricity delivery operations and reliability, system automation, customer services, to name a few key aspects of the business that the Smart Grid platform touches.

ESCI expertise is lead by Brian Pollom who is internationally recognized industry professional as a subject matter expert in AMR/AMI – Smart Grid Technology. He has led the implementation of some of the largest grid technology build-out projects in North America and Asia Pacific.

Leveraging his expertise, he assists ESCI's customers in the evaluation of their current automation program, assesses gaps between the current state and to their next desired level and informs our clients about the technology options available.

The benefit of ESCI's expertise is to provide:

  • A well-defined assessment of the current status of your manual or automated meter to cash and delivery operations.
  • Recommendations, where appropriate, to improve your existing program.
  • Options available to expand the abilities of your current program in AMR/AMI and/or Smart Grid technologies.
  • New systems and technology that can enhance your current AMR program such as advanced customer payment options, customer interactive energy monitoring systems, energy diversion protection and other demand-side management programs.
  • Services to assist with business case, contract, back end systems integration, deployment, operation and optimization.
  • Improved utility efficiency through reduced costs while improving customer service.

Is your current AMR/AMI – Smart Grid system:

  • Reducing system outage minutes by as much as 35%?
  • Providing information to assist in targeting your tree trimming program?
  • Notifying you of customer voltage abnormalities before they know they have a problem?
  • Telling you when a customer has a bad meter base, faulty meter CTs, loose hot line clamps and/or bad service wire connections?
  • Providing customers with feedback about their energy usage?
  • Allowing customers to plan their energy use on an hourly schedule?
  • Allowing customer to prepay for energy reducing cut-outs and cut-ins?
  • Providing the Operations Group immediate outage and restoration information as well as system voltage levels?
  • Unauthorized energy consumption?

If your AMR/AMI Smart Grid Program is ready for review, call 425-868-0159 or email brian.pollom@esci.net, and we can discuss your needs in more detail. Or, if you have not implemented an automation program, now is the time to find out more about reducing operating budgets, providing better customer service and controlling energy usage.

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